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A set that is simply perfect for giving! Even to yourself!

This set contains :

  • Same.bio fruit and vegetable nutritive powder, Bonjour Récolte flavor 120g
  • Allo Simonne Milk Chocolate Spread 220g
  • White Gnomes KLIIN

More information on our partners :

Same.bio: Blends can be used in a variety of ways. Directly with milk, or in recipes. It's like salt & pepper, but healthy. You can add it everywhere and dose it to your taste! Packaged in compostable bags and labels, the fruit and vegetable powder contains no foreign ingredients, only local ingredients. https://same.bio/

Allo Simonne: Because the best experience comes from the best ingredients, Allo Simonne selects for its products raw materials of exceptional quality. The result? Decadent, smooth and tasty spreads. https://allosimonne.com/