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Not sure what to get your sister, cousin or parents? Our set contains practical and gourmet essentials that will please everyone!

This set contains :

  • Spices Master griller Les As du Fumoir 60g
  • Pretty Ugly Sweet Salsa 375ml
  • KLIIN 5 sheet roll

More information on our partners:

The pretty ugly company: Our delicious Quebec salsas are proudly made with vegetables saved from a tragic fate!

Not only do they do their part for the environment, they are also made with 100% fresh tomatoes. We are the only ones to use fresh tomatoes to cook our products and even though it takes more work, we wanted to offer a product that offers a different, more delicate texture, but above all a taste that stands out for its freshness. https://theprettyuglycompany.com/

Les As du Fumoir: The Master Griller is a tasty blend of naturally smoked spices. This versatile dry marinade will add a sweet and savory taste to any dish. Ingredients: Maple sugar, Smoked salt, Smoked pepper, Paprika, Garlic, Onion, Cinnamon, Mustard, Cayenne.

Suggested use: Meat, Poultry, Fish, Grilled vegetables, Dips or Salads.