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The ESSENTIALS collection was designed by KLIIN to help us safely use our cleaning cloths.

It is important to assign a different cloth for each task or application. Our colour coding system will help you clean efficiently and prevent cross-contamination.

The ESSENTIALS Starter Kit includes 3 units of each of the 4 colours (12 units) in both sizes : Small & Large (so 24 units) to split between the home and office !

  • RED : High Risks Areas
  • BLUE : General Lower Risk Areas
  • GREEN : Food Processing
  • YELLOW : Multi-Surfaces

Also included in this kit :

  • 2 Yellow 6-sheets roll (6x 9.5'' x 10'')
  • 1 dish cleansing paste Lemon 250g
  • 1 dish cleansing paste Lime 250g
  • 2 compressed sponge

After use, make sure to disinfect them and you can use them over and over again...

Kit total value : $99.92
When purchasing this kit, KLIIN offers 1x KLIIN printed drying mat (chef's choice), value of $18.99, and free shipping !