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The ESSENTIALS collection was designed by KLIIN to help us all assure a good cloth management ! 
It is very important to assign a different cloth for each task or application. Our colour coding system will help you clean efficiently and prevent cross-contamination. 

Our Blue KLIINs are recommended for ''GENERAL LOWER RISK AREAS'' such as : 
• Countertops
• Furniture
• Windows
• Garage
• Patio Furniture and +

After use, make sure to disinfect them and you can use them over and over again... 


  • Small : 6.75'' x 8'' (Come in packs of 10 units)
  • Large : 9.5'' x 10'' (Come in packs of 10 units)
  • Jumbo Rolls : 30 sheets of 9.5'' x 10'' (thinner than our small and large KLIINs)