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Concentrated biotechnological solution and biodegradable solution designed to clean windows and mirrors without leaving a streak. Does not contain ammonia, solvent or NTA/EDTA. 

Some of the benefits: 

  • Streak-Free
  • Ammonia free
  • Eco-friendly product
  • Will not dull ord damage surfaces

Twist on a bottle you have at home or on ours.

Did you know that ready-to-use products contain up to 90% of water? This incurs unnecessary transportation, storage and merchandising costs.

This is why we are launching our brand new concentrated cleaning bio-pods designed to minimize the environmental impact of waste, reduce the amount of plastic and minimize cardon footprint.

The concentrated bio-pods are outperforming any other cleaning solution currently on the market and are the best in terms of responsible cleaning!

What is biotechnology? It is the use of enzymes, 100% natural, that work to decompose organic matter.

Efficiency :

  • Concentred formula
  • Exact dosing
  • Biodegradable : Meets OECD 301
  • Easy to carry : saves space and avoid shipping unnecessary water

Responsible cleaning :

  • Minimize carbon footprint (1 truck of TWIST & KLIIN carries as many products as 18 trucks of ready-to-use sprays)
  • Compact and 100% recyclable pods
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • 18 times less volume (less storage space used)
  • 8 times less plastic than a bottle sprayer
  • Important time saving and effort due to the biotechnology
  • Highly biodegradable formulas
  • Food grade dye
  • Minimal, effective and easy merchandising
  • Meets OECD 301 ecological regulations

Cleaning powers of biotechnology :

  • Permanently destroys bad odors
  • Liquify stubborn fats
  • Makes floors less slippery 
  • Prevents clogging
  • Non-harmful and non-carcinogenic ingredients
  • Will not dull or damage surface on short, mid or even long term usage

THE ecological and safe refill solution for sprayers! 

Ingredients :

  • Fermentary extracts
  • Water
  • Surfactants
  • Fragrance
  • Dye