Great for cleaning the kitchen, garage, bathroom, outdoor furniture, sports equipment, wiping your kids' mouths or your pets'paws or to bring while camping, KLIIN will not cease to impress you. And it can be machine-washed up to 300 times without losing its absorbing power.

  • Absorbs all household spills
  • Gets windows sparkling in no time
  • Cleans everything, everywhere, inside and out (kitchen, bathroom, garage, patio, car, boat and more)
  • Can be used over and over again

Economic : One KLIIN can replace 17 rolls of traditional paper towels

Ecologic : Positive environmental impact being 100% compostable

Soft : Pleasant to use, it does not damage fragile surfaces such as quartz, marble, wood etc.

Resistant : Resist to intense use or tearing, depending on use

Durable : Lasts for months or years

Effective : Clean without leaving any trace, on surfaces or windows and mirrors

Versatile : Perfect for all surfaces and uses

Hygienic : Dries quickly preventing bacterias from growing : no more bad smell!  



KLIIN's environmental values don't end with its manufacture and use. After absorbing, wiping and cleaning everything in its path, simply compost the KLIIN towel and let it give you more than just that. After only 28 days, it will completely decompose into fertilizer to use as you see fit.

If you use other products than ours, it is important to rinse your KLIIN before putting it in the ground so that no harmful residue remains in the cloth for the fauna. Our cleaning products are highly biodegradable and safe for the environment and humans.


We've compared our KLIINs against conventional paper towels to convince you to choose an efficient and environmentally friendly towel.

Our scientific process

Step 1 : Soak the paper towel in water

Step 2 : Leave to drain naturally

Step 3 : Wring out into a measuring cup

Step 4 : See how much water the paper towel captures

Try it at home!


KLIIN can be washed in the dishwasher or machine up to 300 times.  

Do not put it in the dryer. Dry it flat on the counter or hang it on one of our paper towels racks. Your KLIIN is so beautiful, don't hide it! We have designs choices for everyone!

It is recommended to always rub the surfaces with the unprinted side to avoid damaging the print or create a print transfer on the surface.

How to maintain it? 

To kill germs, heat your KLIIN in the microwave for 2 minutes. But be careful, your KLIIN will be extremely hot! Take care to let it cool down before taking it back.

Add a little bit of sodium percarbonate to make it more KLIIN.

After several months or years using it, your KLIIN will begin to thin up and sometimes break through depending on how you use it. When the time comes, place your KLIIN in the compost or simply in the soil so that it can continue its life cycle. It will feed your plants, your grass, your garden and your family.

Together we can make every home more KLIIN.