Our adventure began with our famous cloths.

An innovation in cleaning, our reusable towels are much more effective and can completely replace conventional paper towels and cleaning rags.

Over time, our product line has expanded in keeping with our mission: to offer efficient, eco-friendly products of exceptional quality.


Changing the world, one reusable towel at a time

In 2016, Marie-Pierre Bérubé was gifted an unremarkable-looking reusable paper towel brought back from Europe. She immediately adopted this ecological (and logical!) alternative to conventional paper towels and sensed a fabulous business opportunity. Her stroke of genius was to add inspiring patterns that enhance any decor while offering cleaning performance like no other.

A booming business

The business was an immediate success and sales took off. With products now distributed in more than 1,000 points of sale across North America and around the world, KLIIN is a bold, dynamic, growing business.

Increasingly KLIIN

KLIIN is always adding to its line of elegant and innovative products, which adheres to the zero waste concept. Through many partnerships with creators and businesses that share its values, KLIIN offers a variety of high-quality eco-friendly products: signature collections, compost bins, dish cleaning paste, compressed sponges and much more.