Who's Kliin?

Love at first wipe

It all started when a friend returning from Europe gave Marie-Pierre Bérubé a reusable towel as a gift. It was beige and unremarkable. But the first time she used it, Marie-Pierre quickly saw its potential. After a few weeks of cleaning up the smallest mess, she was ready to leave conventional paper towels behind.

Endless possibilities

She decided to learn more about the product, how it was made and its properties. She was surprised to learn that most European households use such products. “In Europe, disposable paper towels are rarely used anymore. They are considered very passé. Europeans use reusable paper towels not only to soak up spills, but also to clean the kitchen, the bathroom, the garage, everything!”

Changing the world, one reusable towel at a time

With her new favourite product came an opportunity, not only to launch a business, but a chance for Marie-Pierre to take a stand on a cause near to her heart: the environment. “People buy and throw out hundreds of rolls of paper towel each year. That’s inconceivable!” How does one go about shifting a habit so deeply-rooted in North American society? Marie-Pierre had an idea: by offering a better, eco-friendly option and adding eye-catching designs that will be a stylish addition to any home.